I am SO ecstatic to announce that Wilder & Co. Salon will be reopening on June 8th! Which means I am back to my second home (although I spent more time there in quarantine than my own place ha!) so let’s chat about what to expect:



If you were previously booked between March-early June it is best that you make sure to have an appointment booked out on the next available day. 


I had HUNDREDS of appointments I had to cancel from this craziness. That is A LOT of people. You guys know that I typically book about 90 days in advance so that creates a big challenge for me at this time. I unfortunately won’t be able to get you all in as efficiently as I’d like too but there is only one of me and a lot of you guys. So I highly recommend booking what you can find and let me know so that I’ve got you down on the cancellation list.


I know that you are so eager to get your hair done and I wouldn’t expect you all to wait 3 months longer.. because of that, I’d recommend booking an appointment with one of my incredibly talented co-workers. 


  • Sierra (Color Specialist)

  • Ashley (haircut specialist)


are accepting clients on their books and could see you for your next appointment until you can get in with me for the next available appointment you could make with myself. I trust them all with my life and can help with the consult if you are feeling nervous. Just flag me down! 




Things are going to look different at your next appointment and that is OKAY! here’s what to expect in full detail for your next appointment



Prior to Your Appointment:
  • Stylists are required to take temperature prior to arrival at the salon every day

  • All stylists must wear a mask at all times

  • Salon encourages social distancing as best we can when not performing services

  • All equipment and salon is cleaned before, between & after each client with EPA registered disinfectant that demonstrates bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal activity and is approved for COVID-19.

  • All stylists have been tested for COVID-19 and found negative prior to work 

  • Stylists are trained in the cleanliness of salon equipment and salon guidelines. 

  • Stylists have refreshed their sanitation skills by participating in an online training conducted by Barbicide; the EPA registered disinfectant we use 

  • No additional guests, children or pets

  • Please do not bring any personal items like food or jackets. Handbags, cell phones & wallets are allowed. Beverages are ok!


Your Appointment Time:
  • Upon arrival at the salon please text me at (206) 450-1425 to tell me you have arrived

  • Please do not enter the salon until your stylist has let you know they are ready for you and have properly sanitized

  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to greet you with a hug or handshake but please know we can’t wait to do this again in the future


During Your Appointment:
  • All clients will are required to check their temperatures prior to arrival.

  • Upon entry, clients will be shown to the restroom where they must wash their hands

  • All clients must wear a mask for the duration of their service. *Please note if you do not bring a mask we will have Wilder & Co. masks for purchase $10)

  • If a client refuses to wear a mask you will be asked to leave immediately

  • We will not be serving refreshments to clients during this time

  • A clean towel and drape is used on every client 

  • All high-touch surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between every guest 


After Your Appointment:
  • Wilder & Co. Salon is a cash-free environment at this time; please plan to use a contactless form of payment such as card.


Here are a few things that my co-workers and I are doing to ensure the safest and most comfortable experience at Wilder & Co.


Salon Key Prevention Practices Include:
  • Physical distancing to the maximum extent possible while doing services; both at work and not at work time

  • Use of face coverings by works and clients

  • Frequent hand-washing and regular cleaning of salon and disinfection of all equipment 

  • Training stylists on these and other elements of the COVID-19 prevention plan

  • Stylist stations 6 feet apart to leave space between you and your neighbor



Feel sick? STAY HOME! Please notify me as soon as possible so we can reschedule you and I am able to accommodate another appointment. 



Have questions? PLEASE ASK! Your safety is my highest priority at Wilder & Co. Salon. Please reach out with any safety or COVID-19 policy questions.


Feel safer at home? THAT’S OKAY!

Please do not feel obligated to rush for your hair appointment! I am looking forward to seeing you and hugging you (in the future) but if you do not feel comfortable coming in to a salon for your hair services, I will be here when you are ready!


I look forward to seeing you back at Wilder & Co.  Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


Love, Marissa